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Trabecular Metal Implants - Minneapolis Dental Implants

Trabecular Metal™ Dental Implants now Offered at Metropolitan Periodontists

Minneapolis periodontist Mark M. Wilson, DDS, offers Trabecular Metal™ dental implant solutions. Dental implants with Trabecular Metal technology feature a three dimensional porous material that has a structure similar to bone. Your natural bone material has the potential to grow onto the surface of your Trabecular implants, making for a strong, stable foundation for dental prostheses.

The new Trabecular Metal dental implant by Zimmer Dental Inc. was recently given the 2013 Silver Winner distinction by Medical Design Excellence Awards. MDEA recognizes the achievements and innovation of medical product manufacturers.

Trabecular Metal ImplantsBenefits of Trabecular Dental Implants

With integrated Trabecular material, Trabecular dental implants add stability by promoting bone ingrowth. Other implants focus solely on ongrowth. Trabecular innovations improve tooth stability while also promoting faster recovery times.

Because of the porous nature of Trabecular material, the jawbone can fuse with the implant stronger than with traditional dental implants. Unlike traditional implants, Trabecular implants are three dimensional. They are designed to promote bone ingrowth and reduce healing time between dental implant placement and restoration.

Trabecular Metal is a relatively new and exciting technology. Clinical studies began in 2010 and according to Zimmer Dental, the developer of Trabecular implants, evidence of mature bone ingrowth has been documented as early as two weeks after the implants were placed. This growth continuously increased over the healing period. With traditional implants the average healing time was between 3 to 6 months. With Trabecular Metal technology, the healing time can be reduced to a matter of weeks.

Trabecular implants consist of a titanium core covered by a Trabecular Metal material sleeve. Once placed, blood flows through the porous material, promoting bone ingrowth. The porous nature of the material promotes even more stability than standard dental implants.

Are Trabecular Implants the Right Choice for You?

A qualified Minneapolis periodontist experienced in implant dentistry and Trabecular technology can help you make that determination. Dr. Wilson uses a variety of technologies and techniques and is experienced in this new and exciting technology in implant dentistry.

Dr. Wilson belongs to a number of professional associations including the American Academy of Periodontology, the Midwest Society of Periodontology, the Minnesota Association of Periodontists, the American Dental Association, the Minnesota Dental Association and the Minneapolis District Dental Society. Additionally, Dr. Wilson has over 30 years of periodontal experience and is committed to staying at the forefront of the latest innovations in periodontics and implant dentistry. He was the first periodontist in Minnesota to introduce the LANAP procedure and will be the periodontist to offer Trabecular Metal dental implants.

Questions about Trabecular Metal Dental Implant Technology? Want to Find out if Trabecular Metal Implants are Right for You?

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Wilson at Metropolitan Periodontists today to learn more about Trabecular implants in Minneapolis, or contact us if you have questions. We look forward to your visit and the opportunity to share this exciting technology with you.


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