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Minneapolis Periodontics | Dentist Testimonials | Dr. Mark Wilson

Minneapolis Periodontics - Dentist Testimonials - Dr. Mark Wilson

If you are suffering from tooth pain, have a missing tooth, bleeding gums or you were referred to periodontist for gum disease treatment, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our team today. Over the years, many patients have expressed why they keep coming back to see Dr. Wilson. On this page, we have included some of these testimonials to help you decide if our practice is right for you.

I just had a painless dental implant done by Dr. Mark Wilson. Dr. Wilson and all of his staff were very professional, helpful, and friendly. The procedure was amazingly smooth. The rooms are state-of-the-art, immaculate and welcoming with wall to wall windows looking out on the mall. This dentistry practice makes the whole process very comfortable.


I want to thank Dr.Wilson, Valerie, John, Summer and Ericka for the excellent service they provided to me.They are a team you can trust and they support you every step of the way. A patient could not be in better hands.


Summer was very informative, she was very happy to answer all of my additional questions. She did everything within her power to make me feel comfortable. I am normally not a good dental patient. I have extreme fear and anxiety with dental procedures. I was made very comfortable and put at ease from start to finish.

Patient-Sarah C.

It was nice a touch to be given food to take home.

Patient- Jerry J.

Metropolitan Periodontists is the periodontal specialty practice to whom I choose to refer my patients to. I have a long standing professional relationship with Dr. Wilson. Metropolitan Periodontist is at the cutting edge of dental technologies in the periodontal and implant field. Dr. Wilson is a leader in providing progressive and advanced continuing education through the City of Lakes study club. Dr. Wilson provides a high standard of care which I require for my patients.
We maintain and have the benefit of a close working relationship with Dr. Wilson and his extraordinary team.

Dr. Nancy Hamilton

I have recently undergone 12 implants and have ultimately gotten implant supported dentures, all within a year's time with the help of Metropolitan Periodontists. The team was so professional and gentle while being more then patient with me. It was worth the wait, because I look fantastic and I finally see the beautiful set of teeth I now have. I am thrilled to recommand each of these team members who can make your experience as amazing as mine was because each of them can make what may have been a very difficult process turn into a very worthwhile one!

Patient-Linda Z.

It was overall a great experience. It was wonderful to get acquinted with the team of Metropolitan Periodontists and I am very satisfied with my decision to give them my business.


Everyone is really nice, really makes it easier to go through the treatment.


The staff is consistently welcoming, upbeat, friendly, polite, professional. Cheerio.


Dr. Wilson and his team are respectful, caring, warm, professional sprinkled with a generous amount of humor. They always kept in mind the ultimate goal for me.

Patient- H.D.

Metropolitan Periodontists has a very comfortable working staff. The procedure I've had done went very well and wasn't nearly as excruciating to recover from as I expected.


When my crown and bridge are placed next week it will improve the quality of my life (especally concerning eatting) and will greatly increase my self-confidence.


I was very appreciative of the way that I was taken in on an emergency basis. Ericka was very kind and considerate of my feelings and concerns both prior to the procedure and after. Dr. Wilson explained what he was doing thruout the process and that helped with dealing with my anxiety.


I now have a permanant tooth on my implant! It's so nice not to have to worry about my bridge. I just love it! Everyone was so nice and understood my concerns.


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