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Metropolitan Periodontists Offers Perioscope Technology

Advanced Gum Disease Therapy in Minneapolis

We are excited to introduce our newest technology in our office called a Perioscope.

This technology allows us to see, diagnose, and treat periodontal disease below the gum line.  It allows us to completely visualize the root and remove bacteria from the root of the tooth or teeth.  

Understanding the Perioscope Metropolitan Periodontists, P.A. Mark M Wilson

It is commonly used in conjunction with LANAP, a highly innovative treatment that not only eradicates bacteria within the gum tissue but actually stimulates bone regeneration - something that is not possible with traditional gum surgery.

We perform perioscopy on patients with aggressive or chronic periodontitis affecting one or more deep periodontal pockets. It can also be used as a great tool for patients that have slight bone loss and are beginning to show the progression of their disease.  

Using a miniature dental endoscope (camera) with advanced video, lighting, and magnification technology, we identify areas of bacteria present below the gum line and then clean them with very small, ultrasonically powered probes called microultrasonics.  Images from the endoscope are displayed on a chair-side video screen so you and your dentist can see them.  The dental endoscope provides up to 48 times magnification, disclosing minute details under the gums that, before this technology, might easily be missed. 

Benefits of the Perioscope 

Metropolitan Periodontists, P.A. Mark M. WilsonThe goal of the Perioscope is to get your tooth root exceptionally clean, and thoroughly remove bacteria from deep pockets. Patients will see a decrease in bleeding and inflammation, and their risk of disease progression will diminish.  The recovery period is typically 24 hours, so patients are able to get back to work and daily activities very quickly.

Our goal at Metropolitan Periodontists is to perform the highest level of care to our patients and offering the Perioscope in our office helps us provide exactly that. 

Contact our Minneapolis office for more information on gum disease treatment and the Perioscope. We look forward to improving your oral health with the Perioscope or any other exceptional gum disease treatment offered by Metropolitan Periodontists. Gum disease is a progressive disease, so schedule your appointment today!


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