Explore the Benefits of Dental Implants in Minneapolis with Metropolitan Periodontists

Dental implants are the number one choice of dentists to replace missing teeth for patients. Implants are an ideal option because they provide reliable, long-lasting solutions. Dr. Wilson and Dr. Kersten of Metropolitan Periodontists in Minneapolis are dedicated to educating themselves, other dental professionals, and patients about dental implant technology and how it improves lives.

Patients who are looking to replace missing teeth have several options that offer a range of benefits and affordability. It is important to our doctors that their patients understand the full potential of each restorative procedure so patients can make the best-informed decisions about their long-term oral health.

Dental Implant Advantages

Dental Implants can solve the problems of today and tomorrow. The implant is placed into the jaw bone, it mimics the original tooth from root to tip.

Dental implants will –

  • Prevent chewing and digestion problems due to missing teeth.
  • Preserve jaw bone as the titanium post mimics the roots of teeth.
  • Limits stress on weaker teeth. The restoration itself is just as strong as the healthiest natural tooth.
  • Prevents shifting of adjacent teeth. When there is a gap, neighboring teeth tend to move towards the open area.
  • The restorations will not decay or ever need a root canal!
  • Prevents early aging. Teeth play an important role in maintaining the facial structure. Missing teeth lead to a collapsed look and premature wrinkles.
  • Improves confidence and quality of life. Dental implants restore and enhance smiles giving patients a new confident outlook on life. It improves both professional and personal relationships when a patient no longer worries about the aesthetics of their teeth.

Dental Implants as Supports

Patients who have multiple missing teeth and are looking to permanently secure a bridge, partial denture or full denture plate benefit from dental implants. The implants are strategically placed to securely position the restorations in place. In addition to the benefits listed above, supportive dental implants omit any effect on neighboring teeth. Denture wearers will no longer have to worry about slips while speaking or eating.

Drs. Wilson and Kersten and staff are prepared to answer all your questions, address your concerns and provide a comforting experience during your time in our Minneapolis office. We welcome new patients from the surrounding metro area and look forward to helping you achieve your best smile with long-term oral health benefits.

Contact our office for more information on dental implants or other gum related dental procedures. We look forward to meeting you.

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