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In an effort to provide our patients with as many treatments for gum recession as possible, Metropolitan Periodontists, P.A. now offers the Chao Pinhole® gum treatment, as a non-invasive treatment option to repair receded gums. Our Minneapolis periodontist, Dr. Mark Wilson aims to offer patients every concession in their journey to optimal oral health.

What is Pinhole?

Unlike traditional surgical gum procedures, the Pinhole® process does not require the grafting of soft tissue to a patient’s gums. Developed by Dr. John Chao, this proven procedure extends the already present gum tissue back over the exposed and vulnerable root of your teeth. Ensuring our patients the latest in periodontal treatments, Dr. Mark M. Wilson has undergone a special training run by the procedure’s creator so that our Minneapolis practice can offer this treatment for those that qualify.

When undergoing Pinhole®, Dr. Wilson will need to only make a single puncture point in the gums. Specialized tools are then used to reshape your gums to cover an ideal amount of your tooth and root structure. Due to the modest nature of the procedure, there is also no need for sedation or general anesthesia.

Benefits of Pinhole Procedure

The Pinhole® procedure has a short recovery period, with results sometimes being seen within an hour of treatment. Since the procedure does not require the use of surgical incisions or sutures, improved comfort during recovery from treatment is well-appreciated by patients.

Who is a Candidate?

While an alternative to traditional grafting procedures, the Pinhole® procedure is not right for everyone. Good candidates for Pinhole® would have healthy gums, for ideal healing after the completion of treatment. Additionally, the excessive recession of the gums may not be treatable through this treatment and would be better served via traditional tissue grafting techniques. To determine which procedure best suits your gingival needs, schedule a consultation with Dr. Wilson today.

Reach Optimal Gingival Health

If you suffer from a receded gumline, schedule an appointment with Metropolitan Periodontists, P.A. to learn more about Pinhole® surgery or other periodontal procedures. Our Minneapolis practice is committed to helping you reach ideal oral health. Contact us today!

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