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The best choice for dental implants in Minneapolis is Metropolitan Periodontists, P.A. Our downtown facility offers a variety of implant dentistry options, including an affordable denture implant service that can give you a whole new set of Teeth In A Day! In just one short visit, Dr. Wilson and Dr. Kersten can place four dental implants (also known as All On Four Implants) which allows them to attach a set of full arch dentures and the final results will have you walking away with a new smile. Working closely with your general dentist, we will coordinate appointments for preparation, dental implant placement, and follow-up visits.

What are Teeth-in-a-Day Dental Implants?

RevitaliZe Patient Solutions, by Zimmer Biomet, allows our periodontists to deliver a full arch of teeth supported by a minimum of four dental implants. Using advancements in dental technology and materials, teeth-in-a-day rebuild strong, beautiful smiles that last. If you live with the hassles of traditional dentures, relief from ill-fitting denture plates is life-changing. Implants in this system mimic the strength and durability of tooth roots to rejuvenate bone health and protect the shape of your jaw and facial structure. This also prevents premature aging and supports good oral health.

How does RevitaliZe Work?

Every patient’s situation is unique. Your treatment plan depends on your oral health, need for extraction, and fabrication of a temporary denture. All patients have a series of initial appointments with their general dentist to make temporary new teeth, which are added after implant placement. Our office works closely with your dentist at all points in this process. Your dentist may even make room in their schedule to be present during implant placement.

The teeth-in-a-day process starts with any needed extractions and the placement of dental implant at our office. The temporary denture is then converted to fit on the posts and is sent to a lab for completion. In most cases, patients visit their general dentist in the afternoon to have their modified denture attached to the implants. If your general dentist is unfamiliar with the procedure, our team can attach the denture in our office. When complete, you will have a beautiful new smile.

Post Dental Implant Procedure

Follow-up visits occur in our office so Drs. Wilson or Kersten can inspect the healing process and perform the first professional dental cleaning.  Although your implants will never decay, they are still susceptible to gum disease. Cleanings with your general dentist are necessary to maintain optimal gum health over time. Some patients may need to return to our office for routine cleanings at later dates; this is determined on a case-by-case basis, after communication with your general dentist.

Who Qualifies for Same-Day Teeth by RevitaliZe?

If you are suffering from severe gum disease and/or chronic decay, have many failing teeth, are missing most of your teeth, or are already living with uncomfortable dentures, you qualify. Drs. Wilson and Kersten are experienced periodontists who can design a treatment plan with 3D scans to give you the results you desire.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for same-day teeth with RevitaliZe!

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