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Metropolitan Periodontists, P.A. offers several gum disease treatment options to our patients in Minneapolis, including LANAP. The word LANAP is an acronym that means Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure. LANAP is a wonderful new option that could fit your treatment plan for controlling periodontal problems. ​For more information about this exciting procedure, use this link -

Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure

During LANAP, Drs. Wilson and Kersten utilize a pulsed laser to remove only diseased tissue and harmful bacteria leaving healthy tissue intact. The root surfaces are thoroughly cleaned to remove tartar. A second pass of the laser is used to finish the cleaning process and to seal the pockets so new germs cannot enter. As the tissue heals, new attachment of gingival tissue to the clean root surfaces occurs.

The benefits of this procedure are numerous. No cutting or sutures are involved so recovery time is much less and pain and discomfort are minimized. Because only diseased tissue is removed, the height of tissue around the teeth is maintained. Not only is the pocketing around the teeth reduced but also healthy new tissue is formed. In short, patients are much more comfortable and the treatment has better results.

Understand the Benefits of LANAP

Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) is a highly effective laser treatment for periodontal disease. Dr. Wilson is proud to have been the very first periodontist in Minneapolis—in fact, in all of Minnesota—to offer this amazing high-tech treatment.

Major Benefits of LANAP

  • Comfort – Since LANAP does not use the typical cutting tools associated with traditional periodontal surgery, pain and discomfort are minimized, both during and after the procedure. Patients who go through LANAP therapy often report how comfortable they felt afterward and how easy their recovery is.
  • Shorter Recovery Time – Because LANAP is less invasive than traditional periodontal surgery and there is no cutting or sutures, patients will typically rebound within a 24 hour period. Surgical patients may wait up to 2-6 weeks to feel like themselves again.
  • Safe – LANAP is a safe treatment method for those patients with pre-existing health conditions. Patients who have diabetes, HIV, hemophilia or take certain medications are safely treated through this minimally invasive procedure.
  • Great Results – Patients who are treated with LANAP find that the procedure’s results can last several years to a lifetime with proper home care and follow-up visits with their dental hygienist.

Why Choose LANAP Over Gum Surgery?

Because LANAP effectively treats periodontal disease and improves oral health in a dramatically less invasive manner, there are some advantages to LANAP that make it the preferred method of treating the disease. Teeth that are considered hopeless with traditional periodontal surgery have the potential to be saved.

Although LANAP is considered a surgical procedure, there's no cutting, and therefore no need for sutures, which means it's much less stressful for patients. Patients who might avoid treatment or deal with dental phobias find this treatment plan a more gentle approach to improving their oral health.

LANAP uses a highly selective laser called the PerioLase®. There are many lasers in dentistry but the PerioLase® is the only FDA approved laser to treat periodontal disease. It removes only the diseased tissue, leaving healthy tissue intact. This allows new attachment to form and bone to regenerate with less recession of gum tissue as compared to other methods of treatment. Patients who undergo LANAP are more comfortable physically and emotionally throughout the process. Dr. Wilson and Dr. Kersten are happy to offer a caring approach that will help reduce patient fears. It is the goal of Metropolitan Periodontists, P.A. to treat our patients, not just their gums.

Steps of the LANAP Process

During LANAP, Drs. Wilson and Kersten will measure the pockets while you are numb to determine where the level of the bone is around the teeth before using the laser to treat pockets infected with periodontal disease. The laser removes the infected epithelial lining of the pocket and kills the bacteria that cause periodontal disease.

The use of the laser makes the procedure highly specific and allows the healthy tissue underlying the diseased areas to be left intact. Once all of the diseased tissue has been removed, the surface of each tooth root is cleaned with an ultrasonic handpiece that works to thoroughly remove the hard deposit known as tartar. Once all the root surfaces are cleaned the laser is applied once more to seal the pockets, protecting the pocket from further bacterial attack.

The last step in the procedure is done to protect the seal of the pocket and keep the teeth from moving by adjusting the bite of the teeth.

Over time the tissue will reattach to the clean root surfaces of the teeth and bone will regenerate in most areas.

After the initial procedure has been performed the patient returns for periodic checkups to make sure that the gums are healing properly. All patients will receive home care instructions and dietary recommendations to help promote healing.

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