Wilckodontics – Short Term Procedure, Long Lasting Solution

A straight smile doesn't have to take years to achieve! Also known as Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (AOO), Wilckodontics is a periodontal treatment that drastically shortens orthodontic treatments – in fact, the process is so dramatically increased, the orthodontic treatments can be completed 3-4 times faster than with traditional wire braces only! Metropolitan Periodontists, P.A. is pleased to offer this advanced dental technology to qualifying patients in their Minneapolis office.

Dr. Wilson is the first periodontist in Minneapolis to use these exciting new techniques. Drs. Wilson and Kersten work closely with orthodontist, Dr. Karen Reese, to achieve the desired outcome for each patient. Treatments are customized on a case-by-case basis, but the repositioning of teeth takes place rapidly. Patients can expect to come in for adjustments every two weeks throughout the process. 

The Wilckodontics Procedure

Wilckodontics works by accelerating the orthodontic procedure – it softens the existing bone, in order to move teeth faster with the help of braces. Bone and gum tissue are stimulated to rapidly and safely move teeth into their desired position. This means that the bone surrounding the teeth is softened using well-established periodontal techniques. The new softened bone increases movement towards the desired location determined by the doctor. Once movement is complete, the bone regenerates to create a stable structural support. 

The softened bone is crucial to a speedy orthodontic treatment, but the grafting material also converts into strong bone, which supports the straightened teeth and establishes a long-lasting, corrective solution for teeth that are misaligned and crooked. Patients not only enjoy speedy results, but also a more comfortable procedure than traditional orthodontic treatments.

Who Benefits from Wilckodontics?

Wilckodontics is the perfect solution for a wide range of our Minneapolis patients, regardless of age, and addresses similar issues to traditional orthodontic treatments. In fact, as long as the patient has their permanent teeth, Wilckodontics is a viable orthodontic solution for most people. Those who most benefit from the convenience of a shorter treatment period include professionals who feel long-term procedures impact their professional and social relationships and achievements. 

Adolescents and children may also enjoy the brief treatment period, (most treatments are completed within a year) as opposed to the 2-3 years usually associated with traditional metal braces and orthodontics! Following the initial treatment, patients must wear a retainer for a set period of time, to help prevent the teeth from slipping back into their old position. 

More about Wilckodontics

The short-term experience yielding long-term results, Wilckodontics was created by two brothers in the mid-1990s: Thomas Wilcko, a periodontist, and his brother William, an orthodontist. Patients of our Minneapolis practice can take advantage of this speedy procedure, and reap the benefits of orthodontic treatment without enduring an inconveniently lengthy treatment time!

If you want to know more information about this procedure, or to set up an appointment, contact us today! We accept patients from Minneapolis and surrounding areas.

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