Pocket Reduction Procedure in Minneapolis, MN

After a thorough periodontal exam, a Pocket Reduction Procedure could be recommended by Dr. Wilson or Dr. Kersten as a part of your treatment plan.

Pocket reduction surgery is a common periodontal procedure which is proven to eliminate bacteria, reduce inflammation and save your teeth. Periodontal disease is a progressive condition which, if left untreated, causes massive bacteria colonization in gum pockets can eventually lead to teeth falling out. Tartar and plaque can produce acids that contribute to periodontal disease and generally a pocket reduction procedure is required to get your gums back to a healthy state.

During a pocket reduction surgery, your periodontist will access the root of the tooth in order to remove bacteria and diseased tissue. Immediately following surgery, your gums and teeth may be slightly more sensitive due to a significant reduction in pocket depth but you will have a huge improvement in the condition of your teeth and gums.

There are many benefits to accepting a Pocket Reduction Surgery recommendation. Common reasons can include:

  • Reducing Bone Loss
  • Saving Gum Tissue
  • Controlling The Spread of Bacteria

If you have any questions about pocket reduction surgery or treatment for periodontal disease, please ask us

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