Oral Cancer Exam Minneapolis, MN

According to research conducted by the American Cancer society, One American dies every hour from oral cancer. Late detection of oral cancer is the primary cause that both the incidence and mortality rates of oral cancer continue to increase.  As with most cancers, age is the primary factor for oral cancer.  Tobacco and alcohol use are other major factors but more then 25% of oral cancer victims have no such lifestyle risk factors. studies suggest that human papillomavirus (HPV 16/18) play a role in more then 20% of oral cancer cases.

Oral cancer is a pathologic process which begins with an asymptomatic stage during which the usual cancer signs may not be readily noticeable.  This makes the oral cancer examinations performed by the dentist critically important.  Oral cancers can be of varied histologic types such as teratoma, adenocarcinoma and melanoma.  The most common type of oral cancer is the malignant squamous cell carcinoma.  This oral cancer type usually originates in lip and mouth tissues.

Our practice continually looks for advances to ensure that we are providing the opitmum level of oral health care to our patients.  We are concerned about oral cancer and look for it in every patient.th

Reasons for oral cancer examinations

When oral cancer is diagnosed in its earliest stages, treatment is generally very effective.  Any noticeable abnormalities in the tongue, gums, mouth or surrounding area should be evaluated by a health professional as quickly as possible. During the oral cancer exam, the dentist and dental hygienist will be scrutinizing the maxillofacial and oral regions carefully for signs of pathologic changes.

Oral cancer exams, diagnosis and treatment

We have incorporated Vizilite® Plus into our oral screening standard of care.  We find that using Vizilite®Plus is similar to proven early detection procedures for other cancers such as mammography, pap smear and PSA.  Vizilite®Plus is simple and painless examination that gives the best chance to find any oral abnormalities at the earliest possible stage.  Early detection of pre-cancerous tissue can minimize or eliminate the potentially disfiguring effects of oral cancer and possible save your life.  The Vizilite®Plus will be offered to you annually.

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